Mate by the Music

The Edge Series

Scott Quaid is on a mission to find his baby brother, Stark, who has been missing for a week. He heads to Gunther’s local bikers bar on a stormy night and is quite surprised to find the place almost empty. Nancy Elwood, a wolf shifter, is working the bar and she is drawn to Scott as soon as he enters the bar. As they give in to their attraction to one another they quickly realize how powerful it can be when a shifter mates.

Rebecca Royce, once again, has written a short story that will have steam coming off the pages. Mate by the Music is a great short erotica story. This is the third book in the Shifters and Bikers series. The only complaint, that I have, of this series of books is that they are too short; I love Ms Royce’s writing and am always willing to read more from her. I am hoping that Ms Royce continues to write more of this series and write a story for the last Quaid brother.

Book Blurb for Mate by the Music

A mission to find his brother sends Scott Quaid to Gunther’s Bar, but a storm has emptied the place of everyone except a beautiful shifter hot enough to dry his damp leathers.

Nancy Elwood has faced the worst of humans and shifters alike and has no intention of ever letting her guard down again, until a handsome biker sweeps in with the rain.

As background music throbs around them, a different type of vibration urges two strong souls to mate with animalistic passion.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00