Lycaon Moon

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Lycaon Moon

Veda Pearl is a werewolf who has rejected the pack and it's rules. She has been living with humans for the last few years as a bounty hunter. She lives alone, has human lovers when she chooses and is quite happy to not have an alpha wolf in her life. While out picking up a bail jumper she comes across a familiar werewolf scent. It is Kane, a werewolf from her past.

Kane Ryland is a werewolf that was banned from her pack years earlier after their love for one another caused problems in the pack. His grandfather was the pack alpha and had plans for Veda to mate with his oldest grandson, Kane's brother. Kane, however, challenged his brother for the right to mate with Veda. He has returned from banishment to claim Veda. All Veda knows is that he suddenly disappeared years ago and never tried to contact her. Veda has much resentment against her pack and Kane. Kane must prove to Veda that he is back and wants her, not her bloodline to challenge his brother.

Since leaving the pack, Veda has refused to run in the annual Lycaon Moon claiming ritual. If Kane can convince Veda to run in the ritual and he is able to claim her, than his banishment will be lifted and they would be free to be mates. Kane also has some important news to impart to Veda, concerning her past and her family.

Lycaon Moon is a quick read with sizzling scenes and strong characters. I enjoyed Ms. McCall's story and thought it was well written.

Book Blurb for Lycaon Moon

Veda Pearl left her pack, rejecting its edicts, its laws and the lycan rituals. Embracing the freedom of a human lifestyle, she lives alone, loves working as a bounty hunter and finds pleasure with human lovers. The last thing she wants in her life is an alpha wolf.

Banished by the pack three years ago, Kane Ryland returns to claim the she-wolf he loves. Since leaving the pack Veda has refused to run in the annual Lycaon Moon claiming ritual but Kane is determined to rekindle the passion and mate by pack law.

Veda's having none of it, but the heart surrenders to no rules but its own.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 3.50