Love Beyond Sight

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Love Beyond Sight

The Outsiders Book 4

Eden has been protected by the Outsider’s ever since she was discovered in a mental hospital and saved from the demon hunting them. As the Outsider who can see the future Eden has been trying to work on her powers and attempting to gain control of her powers. Without her soul mate to ground her though she is having difficulties gaining control. She has been told by the demon that her soul mate was killed when they were children but she has heard a voice in her head for the last few months, protecting her. So, she is beginning to wonder if the demon has been lying or if she is imagining things.

Samuel Quinn is Eden’s soul mate and was nearly killed in a fire, when trapped by the demon, when he was a child. As he must decide whether to protect Eden from a distance or in person he must face, and have her face, the horrible truth of himself. As the battle changes dramatically by the end of the story the Outsider’s need to face certain truths and try to find a way to find the others, as everyone will be needed for the coming battles.

As the battles continue between the Outsider’s and the demon, more Outsiders’ are introduced and the reader is drawn even more into this interesting and intense storyline. Ms Royce is an amazing author, with the ability to ensure the characters are multidimensional, likeable and people who want to read more about. I can not wait for the rest of the series!

Book Blurb for Love Beyond Sight

When Eden Roan awoke in a mental hospital, she was nearly discovered by a demon, but a comforting voice in her mind offered safety. The voice told her she was his but that they could never, ever meet. Now, Eden is more and more convinced that the voice is just her imagination. It can't possibly be her destined soul mate. Or can it?

Samuel Quinn, damaged by the demon when he was child, doesn't want Eden to see the real him. Luckily, his powers allow him to hide using others' features as his own. But when Eden needs him, Samuel will have to step forward to save her even if it means showing the real him.

Can there be love without sight? Or will the demon finally have them all just where he wants them?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50