Love at First Sniff

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Love at First Sniff

Rosie has been shy of getting involved since her last relationship went sour. On a night out with a friend at the bar she smells something delicious and finds herself hopelessly drawn to a stranger. After an electrifying dance where both of them were caught unaware by their desires, he leaves and Rosie figures she will never see him again.

Lucas Colbert can’t seem to forget the woman he shared a dance with at a loud bar, even though he knows he should. Lucas is a werewolf and there is a rule that a werewolf can not mate and shouldn’t mix with humans. Lucas finds himself unable to stay away from Rosie and he must try to balance the wishes of his pack and the demands of his body.

Due to a hostile act of one of Lucas’s pack mates, Rosie’s life is forever altered. Can Lucas convince her that life will only get better and can he get out of the trap laid by a power hungry werewolf?

Love at First Sniff is a humorous, steamy read by a, new to me, author. Ms. Snowdon has a fun sense of humour and can write sizzling scenes. It was a pleasure to read this book and I look forward to more from her.

Book Blurb for Love at First Sniff

Rosie has met the man of her dreams... Or could it really be her nightmares? After fabulous sex, he suddenly disappears. He reenters her life in time for her to discover he's being forced into a shotgun wedding.

Lucas finds in Rosie everything he's ever wanted in a mate. Only problem is, she's human. His werewolf parents want him to marry a nice girl with a fur coat, but the woman they've chosen is a bitch in more ways than one. When his fiancée Annabelleaccidently bites Rosie she is thrown into a whole new fuzzy lifestyle.

If Lucas can just downplay the negative aspects of being a werewolf - fleas, the desire to chase motorcycles, and Uncle Harold - maybe he can convince Rosie that Annabelle's bite is actually a good thing. Now that she too is a werewolf, they can be together.

Can Lucas win back the love of his life? Can Rosie love a man who moonlights as a wolf?

A sexy comedy that will have you howling...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50