Light's Bane

Daughters of the People, #2

Light's Bane is the second book in the Daughters of the People series by Lucy Varna. This book was just as well written as the first and I would recommend reading them in order. Due to The Prophecy, the first book, was so detailed and well described that the author just built on her story line. The book was enjoyable to read and I appreciated the continuation of the story from the first book. It flowed seamlessly to the second book and the characters and the story became even more developed. This book was just as well paced as the first and the writer was able to make it feel like I was really there and part of the story. It was a treat to see how Dani and Dave interacted and found a way to work together. As Dani comes to some disturbing realizations she needs to decide whether to lean on Dave and learn to trust someone or become lost in the battle.

Dani is a Daughter of the People, their goal is to break a curse that was placed on their family, by an ancient God, hundreds of years ago cursing them to immortality. Through another God's kindness they were given a way to break the curse. Dani is an oddity with the People, her mothers' identity has never been revealed and in a culture that values family lines this is a hardship for her to deal with. Dave is an FBI agent who is working with the People's ancient enemy. Dani and Dave end up working together trying to recover stolen artifacts. As they discover more about the past and Dani's own lineage they must face difficult truths and they must decide what and who is worth fighting for in this battle.

Book Blurb for Light's Bane

Daniella Nehring is a fierce warrior with a turbulent past. Born in the earliest days of World War II to unknown parents, she was raised by Rebecca Upton, one of the People’s most notable leaders. Dani has always had questions about her parents’ identities, information Rebecca refuses to reveal, leaving a gaping hole in Dani's own identity.

Dani travels to New York on Rebecca's orders to search for the mysterious woman who stole a copy of the Prophecy of Light from the People. There, she teams up with Dave Winstead, an FBI agent working undercover with the People's most ancient and deadly enemy. Dave has a soft spot for the young warrior that divides his loyalties between her and the job he took in order to fulfill a promise he made a decade and a half before, a promise he's determined to keep, no matter what the cost.

As Dani and Dave are drawn deeper into the hunt for the missing artifact, Dani's immortality is jeopardized, and with it, her ability to reclaim the Prophecy tablet. When she learns the truth about her heritage, Dani must confront her past in a struggle that will change her life forever.

Daughters of the People: Immortal Amazons unjustly cursed, struggling to save their People, and their hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00