Hunting the Hunter

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Hunting the Hunter

The Hunters - Book 1

Kendall is a Hunter and a vampire; one who hunts evil humans and other beings to keep humanity safe. The Hunters are made up from shape shifters, vampires and witches. While Kendall is out one night, her and her partner come across a massacre where a human and shape shifter have been caught in the middle of a vampire attack. Her and her partner must remove the shape shifter, kill the vampires and remove the memories of the night from the human.

Kane Winter is the human from that bloody night. He has fuzzy memories of vampire like beings, his partner being murdered and a woman he cannot get out of his mind. He sets out to find the woman, as he believes she played a part in his partner's murder. He finally finds the woman a year later and he is shocked at the truths he must face.

Kane is drawn into the world of the Hunters as old friends and enemies present themselves. Kendall must find a vampire who is making insane vampires and letting them torture others. Kane insists that he help Kendall as he is drawn to her. As Kendall and Kane's destiny unfolds they must deal with their intense feelings for one another.

Hunting the Hunter is the first of a new series from Ms. Walker. Ms. Walker created a new paranormal world for the readers where the characters are interesting and the Hunters are intriguing. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Walker.

Book Blurb for Hunting the Hunter

Bounty hunter Kane Winter has spent two years looking for the mysterious woman who was there when his partner was killed. But when the hunted turns out to be a seductive vampire, Kane is consumed by a desire greater than vengeance-a hunger to possess this woman for himself.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.75