Hellbound Warrior

Dark Warrior Alliance, #5

The writers have done a wonderful job of adding to the series. I completely enjoyed this book. As the writers expanded on the characters and dimensions of the series it was very easy to become invested in the outcome for the main characters. Through the drama of the journey the writers draw in parts of the rest of the story and it is always a pleasure to see the previous characters. There was joy, very steamy scenes and nail biting pages to get through this book and it made it a quick and fun read. I recommend this book and the previous books in this series who is looking for a new world to fall in love in.

Rhys O’Morda is half a demon and has previously escaped hell but finds himself drawn back into it to find a stolen amulet. On the hunt he needs to pass through the nine circles of the Underworld. He finds himself an unlikely ally in someone he feels compelled to rescue. Illianna has been a prisoner in Hell for a hundred years and has all but given up hope, after being tortured and having her angel wings removed from her. While she has prayed for rescue it comes differently than she expected. Since Rhys is a demon and Illianna has come to despise demons, she needs to get past her distrust and hatred for demons, with the help of Rhys and his friends, in order to have a chance of getting back to heaven and her family.

Book Blurb for Hellbound Warrior

Rhys O’Morda finds himself at the mouth of Hell after swearing he would never go back. When the archdemon, Kadir, steals the Goddess’ powerful Triskele Amulet, Rhys is left with the fate of the world resting on his shoulders. Cursing his birthright, he sets out to tackle the nine circles of the Underworld. Facing rivers of fire, freezing rains, soul-sucking creatures and his inner weaknesses is nothing compared to coming face to face with his Fated Mate. His biggest challenge isn’t passing the tests of each circle in Hell, but trying to win his mate’s heart. In a cruel twist of fate, his other half isn’t bound by the same force and has to consciously choose him. Problem is she loathes demons. Will he be able to win his angel over or be forced to let her go and live for eternity without her?

Illianna has every reason to despise everything related to demons and the Underworld. Once an angel of happiness, she has been a prisoner in Hell for a hundred years, forced to perform vile acts that leave a dark stain on her soul. Her prayers fall on deaf ears day after day and she is on the cusp of giving up when the sexy, impossible and arrogant cambion, Rhys, rescues her from his father’s clutches. She will do anything to get back to heaven and her wings, even partner with Rhys and his fellow warriors. Yet, her attraction to the exquisite Dark Warrior challenges every barrier she has set. Having the passion she craves comes with a high price tag, including complete and unconditional surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50