Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy

Nadia Stafford Series - Book 1

Nadia Stafford is a retired police officer, who is trying to move away from her past. She is also trying to keep her new lodge afloat. When all seemed lost she received an offer, for a job, it would pay well but she would become a killer. A mob member asked her to join their payroll for taking care of some small time criminals, when they got out of control. After returning from a job she is approached by her mentor Jack, who comes with information and a proposition. There is a new serial killer terrorizing the American people, investigators believe that the killer is a hit man and as such are making the life of the hit man very unpleasant. He proposes that Nadia join in the search for the killer; there is already a group working together to find the killer, for a very good paycheck. Nadia decides to join in the search and from there the danger and mystery is quick and interesting. Nadia meets more individuals from her "professional" work force and draws on her past, all her resources and all her skills to attempt to stop the killer.

Exit Strategy is the start to a new series by Kelley Armstrong. I found the storyline original and well written and the story keep my drawn in. The characters in this book were all interesting and I cannot wait to see more of them. This is not your typical romance where boy meets girl, they fall in love, happily ever after. There is no true romance in this book and I must say it still a pleasure to read. This book is joining my "keep pile" and I am glad to see that Ms. Armstrong can go from writing fantastic paranormal romances to captivating suspense so well. What a versatile author and a pleasure to read.

Book Blurb for Exit Strategy

Popular fantasy author Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld series) makes her first foray into crime fiction, with the debut of a series of non-paranormal novels featuring female assassin Nadia Stafford.

Nadia Stafford is one of the world's few female contract killers. A former cop, drummed out of the force because of a scandal, she is an expert at disguise and cool under pressure. But when fellow hitman Jack arrives on the scene, Nadia's very private existence is seriously challenged.

A series of victims are being murdered seemingly at random all over the country - different areas, different walks of life, different MOs. There is nothing to tie them together except a random page torn out of a single book: Helter Skelter. But does the Helter Skelter killer - as the hysterical media now dub him - have a real connection to Charles Manson? Or is there something even more sinister at work?

Is this, in fact - as Jack believes - the carefully planned exit strategy of a fellow professional killer, determined to leave the life, but equally determined to clear up an old mistake? And, if so, which is the real victim?

Now, the highly suspicious and secretive hitman community will have to break their cover - at least, to each other - and help take down this killer before the cops and the Feds discover his true connection to their own secret, exclusive society..

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.50