Edge of Hunger

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Edge of Hunger

Primal Instinct Series #1

Ian Buchanan has been determined to lead a “normal” life, not believing the superstitious nonsense that his mother and then sister have been sprouting off in the years. He finally left home to get away from their portents of terror and doom. Ian tries to ignore his unsettling dreams of doing unimaginable things, until Molly shows up, claiming to be sharing his dreams. 
Molly not only claims to be sharing his dreams, she has the bite marks to prove it. Molly is not only sharing Ian’s dreams, she is also psychic and is on a special errand from Ian’s mother, the only this is, Ian’s mother has been dead for a while. She has to warn Ian that the dangers are getting closer and how to fight in the upcoming war.
Ian Buchanan comes from a long line of individuals who can become Merrick. These individuals become beings that can fight against the Casus, an evil group of paranormal beings who were banished from Earth a long time ago for their crimes against humanity. The Casus are finding a way to escape from their prison and as one escapes, a Merrick “awakens” to fight them. The Casus are planning on finding a way to release all of their clan from their prison and Ian must band together with the people that would help him and destroy the Casus coming for him. As the Casus targets women that Ian had been involved in, Molly and Ian must find an ancient artifact that will destroy the Casus and save them all.
Edge of Hunger is a quick, well-written read, which was a pleasure to read. It is the first in the new Primal Instincts series by Rhyannon Byrd. The next book, Edge of Danger, focuses on Ian’s sister’s “awakening” and battle.

Book Blurb for Edge of Hunger


Ian Buchanan has always felt the unknown—the deep, impenetrable darkness that lives within him. Yet he is determined to lead a "normal" life, ignoring the unsettling dreams in which he succumbs to his wildest desires.… Until psychic Molly Stratton tracks him down, claiming to share his sensual nightmares.

The petite Molly even has the bite marks to prove it. And she's also received a message from Ian's deceased mother: an enemy is near. And it's time for the creature inside Ian to finally awaken. A creature with an insatiable hunger that must be controlled before it overtakes them both….

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.25