Edge Of Danger

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Edge Of Danger

The Primal Instinct Series, Book 2

Saige Buchanan is travelling the world, compelled by her strange gift to attempt to find the ancients artifacts that will save them all in the battle with the Casus. She has been studying her family’s history and past to determine how to fight in this upcoming unbelievable war and as she showed trust in the bazaar history it drove a wedge between Saige and her brothers. Saige is in Brazil hunting for a second artifact when she becomes aware of a danger following her.
Michael Quinn has been sent to find Saige and bring her to the compound, which now houses her “awakened” brother Ian. They want her safe as the Casus continue to escape their prison and are out to kill and find a way to escape for good. Michael is able to shape shift and his abilities will be strongly tested as Saige attempts to escape first him, unknowing what side he is on, and then the attacking Casus.
Saige Buchanan comes from a long line of individuals who can become Merrick. These individuals become beings that can fight against the Casus, an evil group of paranormal beings who were banished from Earth a long time ago for their crimes against humanity. The Casus are finding a way to escape from their prison and as one escapes, a Merrick “awakens” to fight them. The Casus are planning on finding a way to release all of their clan from their prison and Saige must trust Michael and reunite with her family to destroy the Casus coming for her. Also, Saige’s gift will be the turning point in being able to find the artifacts required to win the war, as long as the Casus doesn’t destroy her first. 
Edge of Danger is a fun, well-written book, which was a pleasure to read. It is the second in the new Primal Instincts series by Rhyannon Byrd. The next book, Edge of Desire, focuses on Saige and Ian’s brother Riley’s “awakening” and battle.

Book Blurb for Edge Of Danger

Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets. Yet nothing can protect her from her family's sadistic enemies. Until—in her hour of greatest need—she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape-shifter.

Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn battles his primal hunger for Saige. He alone can help her lay claim to her full powers. Yet in doing so, he will destroy her innocence, and mark her as his forever….

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.25