Dragon's Prey

Shadow of the Dragon - Book 4

Dragons are sexy, mysterious and exotic creatures. Welcome to a world were dragons are wild and desperately seeking their one mate.

Dragons Prey is the fourth book in the Shadow of the Dragon series by author Tielle St. Clare.

Steamy sex scenes intermix with a wonderful story that draws the reader into a new reality, from the first page. I found the book, for the most part, well written with a different story line to it. If you like Dragons this book is a must read. I could not put this book aside.

The story finds Kayla a slave to Iniz, a slave master. Due to Kayla being uncontrollable, Iniz decides to give her as a gift to the Butcher of Balier, the most feared mercenary known. Kayla is a Princess and part dragon, hailing from the lands of Xicanth. Her dragon, Zayn, is looking for her mate and will not cooperate in escaping. Zayn has found the men from Xicanth lacking, so she is using the slavery as a way to attempt to find her mate. Kayla has no choice but to follow where Zayn leads.

Sixx is the feared captain of a troop of mercenaries, and the mercenary known as the Butcher if Balier. His troop is training during the winter season while Sixx is recovering from his experiences from having been held captive. Captivity has left marks on his body and his soul. After his captivity he had been uninterested in sex, until he receives Kayla as a gift and finds himself drawn to her. Zayn recognizes that Sixx is her mate and steamy scenes follow. The story reveals the truth of what happened to Sixx during and after captivity and his reaction to Kayla's true identity.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Prey

Book 4 in the Shadow of the Dragon series.

Captured and put into slavery, it should be a simple thing for Kayla to escape, if only her dragon would cooperate. But the blasted beast — bored with the males at home — sees Kayla's captivity as the perfect opportunity to find her mate.

When her dragon finds the man for Kayla, he's all wrong. He's too strong, too aggressive and way too grouchy. He's the perfect mercenary but he'll make a rotten husband. Unfortunately, her body — and her dragon — don't care about any of that and while she wants to hate Captain Sixx, she finds herself unable to resist him.

For Sixx, getting the pretty little slave as a gift is more irritation than pleasure. What's he supposed to do with her? He's got enough troubles — including a curse and a snotty young warrior preparing to challenge him — now he's got her to deal with. Of course, having Kayla chained up in his bedchamber does have its benefits.

So now Kayla just has to figure out how to get home, keep Sixx safe from her father's wrath, oh, and tell her lover she's part dragon.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.00