Dragon Dare

"Dragon Dare" is by author Lilliana Rose. It is a very quick read that steams up the pages. I love stories about dragon shifters so was happy to read this. The story was well written and enjoyable. I will be looking for more books from this author, I know there is another book with dragons that I will be reading next.

Argo Master is a dragon shifter who has vowed to remain single forever. That is until he is walking past a coffee shop and is inexplicably drawn into the almost empty shop. Mia Green has been running her new coffee shop, Café 21, for only two weeks and already the stress and strain are getting to her. A mysterious stranger walks into the shop and offers to relieve some of her stresses and she can’t understand why she is so drawn to him and unable to say no. After an unforgettable experience they both plan to never see each other again; however, they might not get their way.

Book Blurb for Dragon Dare

Argo Master, a dragon shifter, has vowed to live a bachelor lifestyle—until he meets Mia Green, a coffee shop owner who is strong and sassy. She's a woman who matches his dragon strength, and dares him like no other woman has before. Will he give up his unattached lifestyle for her?

Mia has been running her coffee shop, Café 21, for two weeks and is weighed down with stress and responsibility. When Argo comes in for a coffee at closing, his mysterious approach hooks her in. Will she still be attracted to him once she learns he's a dragon shifter?

Can they each give up control in their lives and change their expectations in order to find lasting love?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.00