Dime Store Magic

Women of the Otherworld

Paige Winterbourne is the new leader of the American Coven, ever since her mothers' murder Paige has been trying to lead and change the Coven, to help all witches. One of her first steps is to be a guardian to Savannah, the daughter of a black witch and an unknown father.

Leah O'Donnell, a powerful enemy returns in this book to assist Savannah's father to get custody. Savannah's father is one of the "Royal Family" for one of the Cabals. The Cabal's are families of sorcerers, who are likened to the mafia. As Savannah's father uses every resource, supernatural and more, he has to get Savannah, Paige continues to protect her.

Lucas Cortez comes to Paige's aide as she is charged with murder. He is a sorcerer who has ties to a Cabal but has decided to go against the grain and fight against the Cabal. Lucas is actually the favored son and announced heir to the Cortez Cabal. Paige slowly learns to trust Lucas. As Paige and Savannah find themselves in more trouble, they meet new friends to assist them as old friends turn against them.

This book is part of the Women of the Otherworld series. It features Paige, a witch, as she battles against the supernatural world to keep her ward, Savannah safe. I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to seeing more from this author. Ms. Armstrong writes a new entertaining world and it is a pleasure to get lost in the story. This book will be joining my keep pile.

Book Blurb for Dime Store Magic

Paige Winterbourne was always either too young or too rebellious to succeed her mother as leader of one of the world’s most powerful elite organizations—the American Coven of Witches. Now that she is twenty-three and her mother is dead, the Elders can no longer deny her. But even Paige’s wildest antics can’t hold a candle to those of her new charge—an orphan who is all too willing to use her budding powers for evil . . . and evil is all too willing to claim her. For this girl is being pursued by a dark faction of the supernatural underworld. They are a vicious group who will do anything to woo the young, malleable, and extremely powerful neophyte, including commit murder—and frame Paige for the crime. It’s an initiation into adulthood, womanhood, and the brutal side of magic that Paige will have to do everything within her power to make sure they both survive.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.75