Desert Wind

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Desert Wind

Part of the WindWorld series.

Prince Ardalan Jaleem is in charge of the invading forces in the kingdom of Kishnu. Prince Jaleem was seriously injured during a battle and his people went out to find a healer to help with Prince Jaleem and the other injured troops. Prince Jaleem's men returned, accidentally, with Princess Sitara, the oldest daughter of the Maharaja of Kishnu and a healer for her people. Princess Sitara assists in healing the Asarabian people and Prince Jaleem and soon realizes that his coming was foretold and that he is her destiny.

Prince Jaleem is trying to find a way to end the invasion and over throw his father who is the current Sultan of Asaraba. He sues Princess Sitara's father for peace by declaring that he will marry Princess Sitara. As Prince Jaleem and his party are leaving the land, a treacherous act unfolds and changes the course of Prince Jaleem and Princess Sitara's lives.

Princess Sitara cannot forgive her father for his treachery and moves to a neighboring kingdom. As Princess Sitara tries to deal with her future Prince Jaleem tries to return to his life and wife, they set themselves on a path to ensure their happiness and fulfill their revenge.

In the beginning I found this story hard to follow as the names and terms were so difficult to read and follow along with. It did become easier as the story progressed to follow who was who. The book had some hot scenes that were well written. Other novels in the WindWorld series are: Desire's Sirocco; Longing's Levant; Rapture's Etesian; and, Lucien's Khamsin.

Book Blurb for Desert Wind

Part of the WindWorld series.

Prince Ardalan Jaleem has been sent by his father Sultan Eshan Jaleem of Asaraba to invade the peaceful kingdom of Kishnu. Leading the powerful military force is something Ardalan has trained all his life to do, but he soon realizes there is no way he and his men can survive this undertaking. He has led his men into a trap from which he may not be able to extract them. And death eagerly awaits them in the curved blades of their adversaries and those adversaries outnumber them many times over.

Mistaken for another woman, Princess Sitara Santhanam of Kishnu, beloved daughter of Maharaja Bhishma Santhanam, is kidnapped and brought to Ardalan's camp to help care for his wounded and dying. A healer in her own right, Sitara cannot stand idly by and watch men suffering—even if it means aiding an enemy. From the moment she meets Prince Ardalan her tender heart is touched by his grievous wounds and when she puts her hands on him, his heart will call out to hers.

Under the steaming skies of the desert, two people will discover that love can be found amidst the fury of war.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 2.50