Welcome to the world where humans are the weaker species, however, they are the masters to vampires. Humans created Vampires to be slaves to the humans, to work in their mines, factories and to fight wars. The vampires are given a special v-serum; the enzyme fed to keep them alive but is laced with a slow-release toxin killing the vampires before they are 40 years old. The vampires were made to have pale yellow hair and bright blue eyes, so that all humans would know who the vampires were.

Dawn Eindhoven is the CEO's executive assistant for Hemosynthec Corporation, Dawn is known as "Hell's Bitch" at work, a name she has made for herself to keep people away. Her pharmaceutical company has discovered a neutralizer to the v-serum. With this neutralizer the vampires would no longer dependant on their human masters and would no longer die in their prime.

Helios, who is called "First", is one of the "firstborn" vampires, one of the first vampires out of the testing tube two hundred years ago and the only one still alive after that time. Helios has decided that he requires Dawn's help in order to get to the neutralizer. He finds her walking at night and takes her hostage, to try and convince her to help the vampires. The story leads us through Dawn learning more about the vampires and beginning to care about their existence. The story is very steamy as Helios and Dawn try to find a way to get the neutralizer and come to terms with their forbidden relationship.

I found this book to be well written and original in the story line. The vampires in this story are looking for freedom from human masters who use and abuse them. The vampires are slightly different from other vampires I have read about, so it was an interesting read.

Book Blurb for DamNATION

A species created by man to serve and obey. But we made a mistake…we gave it fangs.

We designed them for our use. To wage our greedy wars, toil in our poisonous lunar mines. We made them pleasing to the eye so our children would not have nightmares, tall and strong and smart so they would adapt to environments never meant to sustain life. We thought we had created the perfect sub-species. Obedient. Disposable. How wrong we were.

Helios stands alone. The first of a dying race. He has spent his life fighting to free his kind. To avenge them. His world is a cold, desolate one that has never been touched by grace or light until a hot-tempered woman, a human, marches into his life, his home and his guarded heart. Through Dawn's dry humor and passionate embrace, he learns to trust again and to love. But just as he starts to hope, she is stolen from him. With his light gone, all that is left is darkness and revenge.

They took the one thing he loved and Helios will stop at nothing to get Dawn back. Even damn his eternal, vampire soul.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 3.50