Curse of the Gargoyle

Cursed MacKinnons Book 1

Ericka travels to Scotland to join her Aunt May, where May has recently bought a Castle. The Castle is known as Castle MacKinnon, a castle that Akira MacDonnell writes about in her heart-rending diary that speaks of love, struggle and the horrors of curses and death.

Ericka's first night in the castle leads strange dreams of ghostly imagines and to sexual dreams and wonder. As Ericka spends more time in the castle she realizes that Akira, who only wants to free her brothers from a curse that leaves them frozen in stone, haunts it. Akira has seven brothers all frozen in stone by an evil clansman; she hid their statues until the time that she could find a way to free them. Akira gives Ericka a riddle to figure out a way to find Gavin, the brother that is in stone at Castle MacKinnon. Ericka must overcome her disbelief of the curse and come to believe in the unbelievable.

Gavin is the oldest brother in the Clan MacKinnon; he is the first to be partially freed from the curse of the Gargoyle that an old enemy placed on his family. Gavin learns of the tragic end to his family after he is freed and he swears to rescue his brothers and somehow get his revenge. As an old enemy's plans to destroy Gavin come to light, Gavin and Ericka must work together to completely free Gavin and to figure out where the other brothers are and how to free them.

This book is a very quick and interesting read with very steamy scenes in it. I would like to read of the rest of the brother's stories.

Book Blurb for Curse of the Gargoyle

A psychotic clansman, seven brothers cursed, and a sister determined to save them. This diary supposedly written in 1740 Scotland read like the script of a bad sci-fi movie. A trip to Scotland to rescue her eccentric aunt turns that twisted tale into Ericka’s reality. She speaks an ancient verse and unleashes a MacKinnon with a need for vengeance in a world no longer his own.

Entombed in stone for centuries, Gavin MacKinnon is awakened by a woman’s whispered words. His wife, family and clan are long gone. It’s a strange new time. Gavin has much to learn if he’s to find his missing brothers’ statues. Ericka is an auburn-haired beauty that intrigues him and swears her help. Gavin is torn between his duty to his family and his insatiable desire for Ericka. A decent man should morn the loss of his wife not dally with this modern day witch.

They discover the anti-curse has its limitations. Gavin is man by night, stone by day. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Together they must find the cure before the evil behind the curse haunts them forever.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00