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Sisters of the Moon Series, #2

Delilah D'Artigo is a, half human, half faerie, were cat who works for the OIA - the Otherworld Intelligence Agency, with her sisters. Camille, who is a witch, Delilah, and Menolly, a vampire, were transferred to Earth to work as agents there and to be away from the Court. Delilah is working as a private detective on Earth to hide that fact that she is an OIA agent. Delilah is approached to take an investigation, to determine who is killing members of a were puma community. As the investigation continues Delilah and her sisters realize that the murders are tied to the escape efforts of Shadow Wing, the demon leader of the Subterranean Realms, who is planning on taking over both Earth and the Otherworld. Shadow Wing, the leader, has sent more scouts into Earth to acquire the precious artifacts that would enable him to cross between all three worlds. Delilah is assisted in the case by old friends and finds new truths of herself while in the attempt to stop the demons. With civil war breaking out in the Otherworld and no help from their superiors, Delilah and her friends must use every resource available as they deal with deadly enemies.

Changeling is a face paced, well-written book that I read in one sitting. I enjoyed reading of all the characters from the previous book and seeing how Delilah grows to be a strong, confident woman. I really enjoy the world which Ms. Galenorn has brought us back to and look forward to reading the last of the series. The series is the Sisters of the Moon, Witchling is the first, followed by Changling and then Darkling. Witchling and Changeling have joined me "keep pile" and I, anxiously, await the release of Darkling in early 2008.

Book Blurb for Changeling

"The first in an engrossing new series, [Witchling was] a whimsical reminder of fantasy's importance in life" (Publishers Weekly). Now comes Changeling-again featuring Camille, the good witch, Menolly, the vampire, and Delilah, a feline shapeshifter. They're the D'Artigo sisters, half-human, half-Faerie supernatural agents who are now enlisted to find the fiends responsible for slaughtering the weres of Rainier Puma Pride.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50