Carved in Stone

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Carved in Stone

Book 1

When Rachel Vandermere was 6 years old, she witnessed her parent's murder, not only was that horrible enough she heard and saw a frightening sight, a huge monster was in her house during the murder. After the murder Rachel and her baby brother Levi were separated. Now in her thirties, she is quietly amassing information, and proof, that the monsters really do exist. She also works for Interpol, investigating an assassin in the Chicago area. During the investigation she meets Nathan Cross, an art history professor, at the Museum of Fine Art and she is immediately drawn to him and suspicious of him.

Nathan Cross is a gargoyle, a guardian of mankind. He has left the Chicago congregation of Gargoyles to lead a human existence. After being reincarnated 14 lifetimes, he is tired and he does not want to be reincarnated again. Gargoyles can be reincarnated by having a son, if they do not have a son in their current lifetime, their existence is over. Once Nathan meets Rachel and hears her theories on monsters, he realizes that he cannot stay away from being a guardian any longer and that he must deal with the gargoyles again.

An ancient evil force is out to destroy the gargoyles and both Rachel and Nathan are drawn into the gargoyle world. Rachel must face the truth of her past and come to terms with both her past and future. A future she wants Nathan to be a part of.

Carved in Stone is the first in the Gargoyle series. Flesh and Stone is the second book and the third book, Legacy of Stone is set to release in December of 2007. I really enjoyed this book and found it well written and fascinating. Carved in Stone has joined my "keep" pile and I can't wait to read Legacy of Stone.

Book Blurb for Carved in Stone

A new paranormal romance that breathes life into the ancient gargoyles.

Sophia has worked her whole life to exact revenge on the demonic winged creatures who killed her parents. Then she crosses paths with handsome Nathan Cross. The attraction is mutual, but if he ever dares reveal himself to her, it would spell disaster.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50