Call it What You Want

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Call it What You Want

Cishawn and Tonzell know each other from years ago, when their mutual, good friend, Terrence, set them up on a double date. After a disastrous first date, where Cishawn was ill and Tonzell seemed to spend too much time looking at her friend's chest, they parted ways. Then a steamy second meeting takes place at Tonzell's University, where Cishawn and Tonzell get intimate. After that meeting Cishawn has attempted to put Tonzell out of her mind. She realizes what a poor job she has done with that when she meets Tonzell again, seven years later.

Cishawn is a teacher and a decorator who is strives to be independent and seems to be very afraid of loosing herself in a relationship. Tonzell is considering moving back to Dallas from Houston and opening a few poetry clubs in the area. Tonzell likes the thought of supporting a woman and keeping her safe. Cishawn is struck by a sickness after meeting Tonzell again, at their mutual friends wedding. Tonzell takes the time to nurse her back to health and Cishawn is frightened of loosing her independence and fights her feelings for Tonzell.

I found this book a little hard to get through as I found Cishawn's character annoying as she flip-flopped with her feelings and I found her quite whiney. Tonzell's character was a good one though and he had more patience than most people would have. The story was well written however and other people may enjoy the characters more than I did.

Book Blurb for Call it What You Want

Cishawn and Tonzell both know what they want from life. Cishawn wants to be able to maintain her independence while pursuing the career of her heart. Tonzell wants to be able to grow his fledgling business without the distraction of a relationship. When the time is right, each wishes to find the perfect mate: for Cishawn, that would be a man who appreciates and supports her independence. Tonzell wants an old fashioned woman like his Granny to build his life with. The problem is, Cishawn's quest for independence serves as a blockade between her and potential mates. She cannot be what Tonzell needs her to be, and that is the needy, damsel in distress who is looking to be rescued. Can Tonzell accept not being the noble rescuer?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 2.75