Butterfly Passions

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Butterfly Passions

Prince Ivar is the 5th son of a King and knows that he must find his own castle to rule, as he will not inherit his father's castle. After the death of his wife and unborn son, Ivar decides to set out to find his future. Ivar is still distraught over the death of his family when he spies a woman standing on the cliffs at the coast and sets in to investigate. The townspeople decide to ask Ivar to take control of their town from Lord Carl, as Carl is a selfish coward. Prince Ivar quickly releases the town from Lord Carl's grasp and sets Carl to work in the stables.

Katie is the young woman Ivar sees at the cliffs. She has an old, deep hatred for the Norsemen, as the last time they came to her village her sister was raped and later died. Katie is quite distrustful of the Norsemen and their intentions. The Norsemen's first night in her town and an attempted rape does not endear the Norsemen to her. Katie soon realizes that Ivar is a fair and respectful man; however, he can be brutal when pressed.

As the days and weeks pass Katie realizes that Prince Ivar is noble and attempting to establish his own rule where people are not afraid. Katie and Ivar come to have feelings for one another and as Ivar spends more time with Katie, he finds himself happier. Ivar and Katie must defend their new way of life again enemies.

The story was a good one; however, I found there were quite a few grammatical errors that distracted me from the storyline.

Book Blurb for Butterfly Passions

When prince Ivar returns from a long trade journey, he learns the sad news that his wife died giving birth to his son, who died as well. He spends the winter alone in a hunting lodge, his sadness turns to hate and anger at the world. He makes a plan to go out to conquer and destroy as many villages as he can, sharing his grief with as many as possible.

Katie is a young Celtic peasant girl. She has been betrothed to marry Lord Carl, the village chieftain. She detests Carl, but will not go against her father's wishes. A month before her wedding, she is sitting atop a cliff when she sees the fierce figurehead of a Viking dragon ship approaching the shore.

It is destiny that these two will meet.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 2.00