Believe in Me

1 Night Stand Series

Gloria Powell has signed up for a night with 1Night Stand, to help her forget her troubles and to remember how to has fun. She has been on the run with her daughter, from her ex-husband, for years. She knows if he finds her he will kill her and she can not get help from the authorities.

Jack Johnson is a werewolf, who is different from other werewolves. He is more in touch with his emotions so he knows he is going to have to look for a human mate to understand him. As soon as he sees Gloria he knows she is the one for him.

As danger intrudes on their one night, can Jack convince Gloria he can keep her and her daughter safe forever or will one of them not survive the night?

Rebecca Royce always delivers a fast, sensual read. I loved this book; it was a diverse read in a short book. I love reacquainting myself with characters from previous books. I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Royce.

Book Blurb for Believe in Me

Werewolf Jack Johnson has always known he wanted a human woman to share his intense emotions. When he signs up for a 1Night Stand date, the same service that found a mate for his sister, he knows the odds are against him finding his own—yet he believes he will.

Gloria Powell has been on the run with her six-year old daughter for years, desperate to escape a deranged ex-husband bent on killing her. Tired of running and never having a normal life, she just wants one night to forget everything.

Can Gloria believe in and accept the protective wolf Madame Eve found for her or has she really given up on believing in fantasies?

Heat level: 3 | Word count – 9k

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50