Bad Moon Rising

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Bad Moon Rising

Dark-Hunter Series - Fang's Story

Dealing with Aimee Peltier’s family can cause a Bear of a headache. Her mother is called Mama Bear and that is because the family is of the Bear Clan. They also run Sanctuary, a bar that is open to all species and types. It is a safe place for everyone, unless Mama Bear doesn’t like you and then things can get a little dicey. Aimee is hiding some enormous secrets from her family and one of them is that she is in love with Fang.

Fang Kattalakis is a wolf, so normally bears and wolves don’t mix but someone seemed to forget to tell Fang and Aimee. As Fang recovers from a horrific attack Aimee and Fang are drawn to each other. As Sanctuary has its protection revoked, due to Mama’s actions, the Peltier’s must accept help from people they never would have expected.

Bad Moon Rising is a Were-Hunter book and I highly anticipated this book as hints of Fang and Aimee have been dropped in numerous books in the series, both Were-Hunter and Dark Hunter. I have had this review slated for awhile and it took me awhile to come to terms review I have written.  I have to say I was disappointed in the book; there wasn’t as much new information as I would have anticipated for the size of the book.  I have not enjoyed the last few books written by Ms. Kenyon, it seems to be to the point that she is now writing more for quantity rather than the quality that was first published with her initial books. Here is hoping for a return to fresh and innovative stories from this author as I know she has it in her.

Soon Kenyon’s League series will be on shelves. This is a series that’s been published before, but has been updated and will come out back to back from St. Martin’s Press.

Book Blurb for Bad Moon Rising

A stunning and suspenseful new landscape emerges in the thrilling Dark-Hunter world—a world where nothing will ever be the same again. . .

Fang Kattalakis isn't just a wolf. He is the brother of two of the most powerful members of the Omegrion: the ruling council that enforces the laws of the Were-Hunters. And when war erupts among the lycanthropes, sides must be chosen. Enemies are forced into shaky alliances. And when the woman Fang loves is accused of betraying her people, her only hope is that Fang believes in her. Yet in order to save her, Fang must break the law of his people and the faith of his brothers. That breech could very well spell the end of both their races and change their world forever.

The war is on and time is running out...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.50