Arianna's Leap

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Arianna's Leap

Once Upon a Dark Castle Lord - Anthology

Arianna is a mercenary from the year 3008; she has special abilities due to her race, the Stealth. The Stealth are hybrid vampire and human mix, with all of the powers of the vampire and none of the weaknesses. She is sent back in time to kill the murderous vampire, Padraic. The only problem is that she quickly realizes that not all is right with the mission and she must quickly decide on what her new plan of action will be with the new information she has. She quickly learns that Padraic is not the murderous vampire she believes but that his survival is essential to her existence.

Arianna is not the only person to leap back in time, Parker, the vampire who hired her to kill Padraic has also leaped to kill both Arianna and Padraic. As Arianna realizes that her life is at risk as well, she must team up with Padraic so they can keep each other safe while they try to determine what is happening. As Arianna confronts Parker and is told the truth behind the reasons for his planned murder of Arianna and Padraic, she must attempt to escape him.

As Arianna and Padraic quickly come to care for one another they must make a stand to save both themselves and the future of the Stealth.

This book was extremely well written and a pleasure to read. Ms Bell is able to draw you into the story with strong characters and sizzling sex scenes. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

Book Blurb for Arianna's Leap

This is a short story written for the dark castle lords anthology.

Arianna is a new type of hybrid mercenary. She's been sent back one thousand years from the year 3008 to assassinate a man she knows nothing about, only that she has a personal stake in his death.

Padraic lives a simple life in a castle in Ireland, researching ways he can further the options for vampires like himself. So it comes as a surprise when he realizes someone has gone to a lot of effort and thought making sure this night is his last on earth.

The one thing neither of them counted on was the attraction they share for one another, or for the first time in their lives they would want to leave their solitary existences.

It may not matter in the end, because Tristan Parker, the man who hired Arianna to kill Padraic, has come back to finish her off as well. Before they can explore each others feelings or bodies, they'll have to make it through the night and more importantly kill Parker before he can end both of their lives and change history.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50