Another Chance

Another Chance is an intense short story by Rebecca Royce. This is a stand alone book and it does not disappoint. Ms Royce quickly draws you into the story with strong, charismatic characters and a well written and thought out plot.

Patrick O’Callaghan is part of a special unit for the United States military, his entire team is made of vampire’s. After promising to give up feeding on blood he is able to join the unit where they all hope that by their actions they are able to redeem their souls after being made vampires. Patrick is on a mission to rescue a reporter from terrorists when he is suddenly drawn to who they are supposed to rescue. The problem, he is drawn to take her blood.

Jennifer DeMarco is a reporter who has been taken hostage by a terrorist faction she was hoping to interview. After hearing her friends’ fate she quickly faces the reality that she will not survive the night. Suddenly a mysterious stranger with amazing abilities rescues her and shows her remarkable things but suddenly disappears from her life, as does her memories of him. As Jennifer continues in the coming days she feels like she is missing a part of herself, can she remember what it is in time and can her destiny be changed?

Book Blurb for Another Chance

Patrick O’Callaghan is a vampire grappling with the fate that has been laid out for him. Turned into a vampire during World War II, he lived for many years as a crazed monster searching only for blood and dishing out death. That is until he is approached to join a unique unit of the United States military, a special operations division made up of vampires looking for a second chance, for a way to redeem the horrors they have caused by serving God and Country. The only catch? He had to give up human blood.

Jennifer DeMarco is a hard-nosed reporter and the daughter of an Admiral in the United States Navy. When she goes missing, kidnapped by terrorists she hoped to interview, Patrick’s unit is sent out to rescue her and then remove her memory of the events, making it like they never happened.

Things go awry when Patrick responds sexually to Jennifer, something that hasn’t happened since he was made a vampire. New truths are unveiled to Patrick-things he never thought he either could or should have as a creature of the undead, and Jennifer’s life continues to be in danger.

When disaster strikes, the two will discover that there are second chances if only you’re willing to take them.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25