74 Seaside Avenue

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74 Seaside Avenue

Cedar Cove Series, #7

74 Seaside Avenue is the continuation in the Cedar Cove books by Debbie Macomber. It is book seven in the series and continues the storyline of many, previously met, characters, focusing on Teri and Bobby Polgar. Teri is a beauty technician at a local business "Get Nailed". Bobby is an international chess champion, who is attempting to keep Teri safe from a Russian opponent, who is demanding that Bobby loose a match to him.

In the book we learn more of previously met characters, for example Sherriff Troy Davis, who is recently widowed but has come back into contact with his first love from high school. Also, we learn more of how Linnette McAfee, a woman who has decided to leave Cedar Cove, does on her own. Linnette ends up in another well known town to Ms. Macomber's readers. Also, we learn of the decision that Rachel, a coworker of Teri, makes in regards to the two men in her life. Ms. Macomber follows up on the lives of previously featured characters and gives updates on them.

74 Seaside Avenue is a wonderfully written, fast paced book. It was a pleasure to return to Cedar Cove and read how everyone is doing. Ms. Macomber writes in such a way that the characters become real to the reader and it is quite easy to be cheering for the characters when the get their happy ending. As 74 Seaside Avenue is the 7th book in the series, I would strongly recommend that the reader start at the beginning of the series. I look forward to returning to Cedar Cove again soon.

Book Blurb for 74 Seaside Avenue

74 Seaside Avenue

Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader,

I'm living a life I couldn't even have dreamed of a few years ago. I'm married to Bobby Polgar now (you know, the famous chess champion who just happens to be the man I love!). And we've got this beautiful house with a view of Puget Sound.

Lately something's been worrying Bobby, though. When I asked, he said he was "protecting his queen"-and I got the oddest feeling he wasn't talking about chess but about me. He wouldn't say anything else.

Do you remember Get Nailed, the beauty salon in Cedar Cove? I still work there. I'll tell you about my friend Rachel, who's got two men interested in her (count 'em, two). And I'll let you in on what I've heard about Linnette McAfee, who left town when her love life fell apart. (That kind of trouble I know all about.) Come in soon for a manicure and a chat, okay?

Teri (Miller) Polgar

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.75