Wild in the Country

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Wild in the Country

WOW! Imagine being new to a rural area and upon first meeting everyone entertains sexual intercourse, (in some variation), with/from/ or for you on the spot. And you accommodate! Wow!

With Wild In The Country everyone is sure to find their particular niche because there is a plethora of luscious loving. The scenes are sexy, lusty, juicy, and splendid with color. Each character is steeped in greatness and their combined efforts are paramount in Flora's sexual educational process.

There is suspense as someone is sending Flora lurid letters and she wants to discover the identity of "The Scribe". The plot is easy as is, Flora, to follow and a great read for the people who love variety in their lives.

Book Blurb for Wild in the Country

There's something in the air.

Flora Swain is a newcomer to the village of Marwick Magna, renowned for the inspiration it provides to painters and poets. Impetuous and strong-minded, Flora is no artist - yet. But there are creative urges within her, she is convinced, and she has come to the country to give them life.

The strange thing is that Flora's urges turn out to be almost entirely sensual. Is it the undoubted physical allure of her new neighbour, Declan McKenna, that's driving her wild? Or the explicitly sexual messages which appear daily in her post? Or could it be that country life has revealed to her an insatiable, highly erotic new self?

This story contains some f/f interaction

This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been re-edited for release with Total-e-bound

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00