Who Races-Who Wins

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Who Races-Who Wins

WARNING: This title contains explicit BDSM sex, graphic language, violence, forced hot man-love and sexual torture of both men and women, and CBT.

Who Races - Who Wins is definitely not the typical Kentucky Derby, Santa Anita, or even your local county race horse racing story. It's about racing your favorite male or female two legged variety pony. Jude Mason certainly expands on that theme with Slither and his mistress. Then to add more to the mix a jealous, old money mistress, Deidre, kidnaps them and restrains and abuses them TO THE MAX!

Deidre's stables are full of more detainees and extreme paraphernalia she puts to the test. Thomas sees his mistress going too far with her abuse and finally helps Slither and Christine escape.

Slither and Christine's love for each other helped them to endure Deidre's hatred, but their hatred for her made them vow to race her again and win, again. Within days they're on the racetrack along with other teams as well, but it's Deidre they need to beat.

Jude Mason does not hold back and sometimes the affect was too much to handle in one sitting. As a BDSM Fetish novel - it's certainly that - as appendages are tied, orifices stuffed, and extreme manipulation manipulates extreme climaxes! The author brings you into Slither and Christine's world - close to the action- with new threatening drama at every turn.

The emotions churned up in dislike for Deidre and concern for Slither and Christine, make me wonder why I think I should give Jude Mason's Who Races - Who Wins a five rating. It's also those emotions forced to surface facilitated a 5 rating for the author and novel.

Special Notes: The warning of content being not for everybody should be taken very seriously.

Book Blurb for Who Races-Who Wins

Visit the world of fetish and perversion, in Who Races - Who Wins, where men take on the roll of ponies and women rule as their Mistress trainers. Add a woman of the old world rich, who believes breeding is everything, and who just happens to own her own stable of fine young studs. When she turns to kidnapping and torture, can the lovely young Christine and her adoring steed/husband Slither escape or will evil truly prevail? Who will win that final race, and who will be enslaved?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00