Unveiling the Sorceress

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Unveiling the Sorceress

Saskia Walker pens a story of sorcery and romance complete with an intriguing plot. Unveiling The Sorceress is well written with the characters, mysterious godsend Amshazar and the proud ruling Elishiba highlighted.

Ms Walkers' entertaining romance lets you see into another world for just a little while. It's fun to read a story such as Unveiling The Sorceress with unusual settings and characters.

Will you keep writing for us please Ms Saskia Walker?

Book Blurb for Unveiling the Sorceress

Secret love and forbidden liaisons mix with the deadly implications of the enemy's plans in this sensual story of danger, passion and intrigue with the exotic allure of 1001 Arabian Nights. Betrothed to the ineffectual son of the evil Empress of Karseedia, Elishiba's planned marriage is to be a symbolic pact sealed between two neighboring countries. But nothing is as it seems. Elshiba finds herself enmeshed in a growing web of political machinations with magic and romance weaving their own vibrant and inexorable threads; her love for a man considered an enemy may place her in further jeopardy.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00