Time for Clocks and Demons

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Time for Clocks and Demons

Outer Limits - Heat Level - Intense

Wow! The first story concerns a rich spoiled daughter, Claudia, who's just dropped her lover, Mark - the son of the clockmaker. The clockmaker makes an overlarge grandfather clock and ends up encasing bound and nude Claudia on display for an art auction. Very Interesting story bent on teaching bitch humility. She and her girlfriends' mostly explore their roles as subs eager for Mark or Anne to guide them along - even if it's only for a pony ride.

The next is The Weekend with a married couple getting away. The husband takes on an aggressive master role and the wife rebels. He tries various methods of getting her to obey without question but she just doesn't get it. They meet up with another couple and explore their options together.

Finally, a newlywed couple fresh on their honeymoon drinks from a bottle their uncle packed for them. They're soon in another dimension separated from each other so each has their own escapade. A team of harem girls waits on the husband while the bride is sold as a sexual slave girl. After the initial shock they each perform to the best of their abilities.

The stories are intense and highly erotic. Each story has quite a bit of BDSM and with all three together offers a veritable plethora of experience. The tone of each story exhibits very different master/submissive interplay making the set masterful.

The stories are told in the first person format and I sometimes got lost - for example: the second story starts out in their home then they're talking about a hotel setting. And there are breaks in the continuity when the author, Anthony Stevens completely separated one persons' involvement from the next interchange. This is the reason I leaned toward a 4.75 rating for Time for Clocks and Demons rather than a perfect 5. I really enjoyed the Clock story. I think a lot of us know someone we'd love to put into the clock for a time of reflection.

Book Blurb for Time for Clocks and Demons

"Time for Clocks and Demons" is an exciting new trilogy of tales; due out in December.

In this trilogy, you will see what happens as we share a tale called "Clockmaker", where a spoiled little rich girl is hypnotized and taught a lesson in craftsmanship, erotic humility and her own submissive side.

In "The Weekend", a husband makes his wife a slave for a short vacation involving stringent bondage, display and forced orgasms.

And finally, in "Three Demon Night" you will see newlyweds on a Caribbean honeymoon who are surprised with a wedding present that includes a dimensional traveler, some really sexy succubi and incubi and more raw sex than they had imagined possible.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.75