Three Swords, One Heart

Torrid Tarot

Book Has: M‚nage' Trois

Malik and Kalis, twins, are sent away from their village to find one warrior woman who will love them both and rid the family of a 7-generation curse. After twenty years of searching they run into Zarina who is outcast from her tribe after her chieftain father's death. The main plot stays on course throughout the story, so it's easy to follow.

The only magic in the story has to do with the curses' origin and its removal at the end. I'd like to have seen more magic, maybe while they were on their way home.

N.J. Walters' character Zarina is a strong woman warrior who's importance, most times, overshadows the two men. Malik and Kalis are undeniably positive Zarina is their fated love match, however, Zarina is not so sure and has to deal with her insecurities. She has to come to love them in her own time for the curse to be broken. The men don't pressure her into the erotic two and threesome sex or seem to have any kind of jealousy amongst them towards her affections.

The setting is mixed with desert caves, rivers, and forests, but could be in any modern day village of an underdeveloped country. A change of setting and the story line could work in nearly any location; of course, the two husband thing may not go over so well in Kansas City, or Victorian England. Maybe that's why it's a fantasy-the two men thing.

If modern day woman could have two men like Malik and Kalis imagine all the smiling faces you would see. These two mighty men who are Zarina's sworn protectors go off and leave her on a couple separate occasions which I think is mostly due to masculine oversight. The two men do have some faults, but Ms Walters portrays them as two that may be-- oh so fun to watch.

Three Swords, One Heart is an entertaining adventure of a woman's survival in the natural elements and two men's quest to ensnare her heart. This may be "THE BOOK" to take on your next camping trip or nature hike.

Book Blurb for Three Swords, One Heart

Malik and Kalis are cursed to forever wander the world, searching for the one woman who can break the curse that has plagued their family for seven generations. In each generation of their family, the firstborn are always twin boys who bear the mark of the curse.

The woman destined to break the curse is a warrior woman, adept at hunting and battle — a woman who will give herself and her love freely to both men. Upon the death of her father, Zarina is cast out of her desert tribe. Raised more as a male than female, she is more at home wielding a blade than tending a home.

When their paths collide, both men know they have found the right woman, but Zarina is mistrustful. Do they want her simply because they believe she can break the curse or does their attraction go deeper than that? But fate will not be denied and the three wounded souls must face their destiny together.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00