The Wrong Woman

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The Wrong Woman

Short Story

Brit and Jake are due to marry in the morning, but Emma, Jake's best friend and Brit's bridesmaid goes to see Brendon and Jake opens the door. They have some drinks and go for it, over and over all night long. The wedding proceeds and so does Jake and Emma's "bonding".

The Wrong Woman by Jordana Ryan is twenty pages of burn up the sheets intercourse between Jake and Emma. The characters were well established and the settings were pleasingly penned. The ending leaves the reader with a question- What happened to Brendon?

I'm afraid this scenario happens more often than one would hope and Ms Ryan's story is an interesting entertaining version.

Book Blurb for The Wrong Woman

When Emma has a rendevouz with the groom, it threatens his plans for happily ever after. Will the flame they ignited be extinguished or will Jake discover that he did indeed marry the wrong woman?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.50