The Spy Who Spanked Me

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The Spy Who Spanked Me

Genre: BDSM Erotic Historical

Where better for a pickpocket in the horse and carriage era of London than at the Theater? Tasha was casing the crowd when a man caught her eye. She watched him for a while - he left- she followed - learning the location of his abode. The next night she returns to the theater - he (Marcus) returns. Marcus is watching, waiting for someone. Then he shows. Tasha's man knifes the other man in the chest and kills him with Tasha witnessing the whole event. He confronts her, renders her unconscious with strategically placed fingers to the throat, and carries her off.

When she comes to she's tied to a bed mostly naked with the stranger bent on discovering who she works for. She's a spy for the King and willing to do anything to get his answer. The more threatening he gets the more she's aroused, but her answer stays the same - she's a pickpocket to support herself. He presses further sexually - she accepts him. They've found their equals in the bedroom. After a night long of interrogation she awakens and he's gone but has left a fortune in bank notes.

She knows where he lives and goes there. They challenge each other and I'll leave the rest for the reader to learn when they read The Spy Who Spanked Me. And yes he does so much more than just spanking.

Doreen DeSalvo immerses her writing with her characters thoughts, which makes them more human. They are not only clearly defined and thinkers but they have heart. The perceived settings are ample with more concern towards the characters actions. Bondage is forefront with more BDSM. This story I would rate as "Remember to Breathe".

Book Blurb for The Spy Who Spanked Me

Genre: BDSM Erotic Historical

Length: Novella

Pickpocket Tasha picked the wrong man to follow. After she witnesses an assassination, the sexy killer ties her to his bed. Marcus wants answers -- who is she? Why was she following him? To his surprise, his pretty captive enjoys all the sensual torment he metes out, and begs him for more. He'd never dared to dream of finding a woman who matched his craving to inflict a little pain on tender female flesh.

Tasha will do anything to save her skin. She'll even let the masked man holding her captive take her in ways she's never imagined. She's always wanted a man to take command of her in bed. Tied up and helpless, she'll give Marcus everything he demands physically, but she can't tell him all the secrets of her sordid past.

Marcus demands more than answers -- he wants her total submission. But can Tasha trust the spy who spanked her?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, bondage, kidnapping, spanking, wax play, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.75