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The Ravens Revisited: 1

In the first of the set, The Ravens Revisited: John, John falls in love with Maddie while out to kill vampires.

John is the oldest brother and infiltrates the vampire Devlin's clutch needing to extricate Eric who's been bitten by Claire. In the interim Madison/Maddie has published a story with vampires and Devlin sends John to find out just how much she knows about vampires-and they have a hot love affair.

The story line includes Maddie's overbearing parents, her reliable friend, her cat and town folk, and John's family in which everyone is well developed and personable. There is a down home type of setting to the story that makes you want to check the doors and windows that are all locked up tight.

Be sure to follow this story with Eric's (2) and Dirk's (3). More stories will be coming out in this series in coming months.

I enjoyed this book and it made me what to delve deep into the peoples home and into the setting. This is just a glimpse into the lives of the brothers and I've got the next two books, Eric and Dirk to read next. I can't wait to see what happens to the other brothers. This is already starting to be a good series.

Book Blurb for John

Over 200 years ago, a Raven daughter was taken by a monster that walked the night. She was taken and turned...then destroyed by the family who loved her. After that day, The Unkindness of Ravens was formed and the battle began...

Now, in the 21st Century, the war still wages. The Unkindness continues on, known now as The Raven Clan. They fight hard and love even harder. And yet... The monsters still haunt the night. Forced to break into small groups called 'Clutches' to survive, the Horde of Vampires still exists.

For now...

"JOHN" tells the tale of John Raven, long-time vampire hunter, who is sent by the lead vampire, Devlin Morse to find out more about author Madison Woods. Madison has written a book, a paranormal romance, which so closely follows the vampire lifestyle, Devlin is worried she may be a Hunter. John, along with his brother Eric, has infiltrated Devlin's Clutch of vampires, posing as vampires. The Raven Clan have been vampire hunters for generations, destroying as many as they can by posing as vampires until they can get close enough to strike. John travels to the small town where Madison lives to find out what she knows. Devlin has kept Eric with the Clutch of vampires to insure John's return.

But what John doesn't realize is he is the epitome of Madison's perfect vampire, one that she has written into the novel, the one she has been in love with since she created him.

Sparks fly as John finds himself drawn to the small cinnamon haired woman while she tries to convince herself she's not crazy and vampires are not chasing her. Madison tries to help John in his quest to destroy the Clutch, but what she doesn't realize is just how powerful Devlin Morse is.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00