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The Ravens Revisited: 2

The Ravens Revisited: Eric is the second story of a set about three brothers that kill vampires and the love affair that happens in the interim.

Eric is infiltrating vampire Baracks lair to kill them and Lydia a moose biologist sets up camp in the middle of Baracks space. She ends up looking for moose, wolves, and Eric. All Barack can think about is Lydia's tasty blood and tries to woo her to his side but once Lydia and Eric meet they are mad for each other and have some quite erotic sex scenes.

The Ravens have a little vampire blood so they have some vampire characteristics like the ability to communicate telepathically and hunt with finesse. It makes you wonder why the Ravens aren't able to just blow the vampire lairs to oblivion from the beginning.

The story is entertaining and a quick read for any weekend especially one with witches, goblins, and lots of little ninjas and princesses coming to your door.

Be sure to read, The Ravens Revisited: John (1) and The Ravens Revisited: Dirk (3). More books for this series will be releasing in coming months.

Book Blurb for Eric

When Lydia Cross set out into the Maine wilderness on a research project, she never expected to come across an undiscovered species.and the sexiest man she had ever seen. When Eric Raven appears out of the forest, his animal magnetism sends vibrations throughout Lydia's body, inciting feelings of love and lust like she has never known. But .what is he, for surely he is not 'just a man'?

Lydia soon finds that Eric is much more than he seems. Another creature prowling the deep Maine woods is Antony Barack, a sensuous being like no other, but very dangerous. And Anthony wants Lydia for his own. Eric must protect Lydia from Barack, a powerful shifter who will fight to the death for what he desires. But Eric will not relinquish the woman of his dreams, his Lydia, to the monster . and the battle rages on.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00