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The Ravens Revisited: 3

This is third of The Ravens Revisited series. The Ravens are a family of which 3 brothers and 2 cousins are vampire hunters. This story is about Dirk, the youngest brother and Casey, an area girl who's missing.

Dirk enters the abandoned mine Connor Fagan, the vampire that killed John, Eric and Dirk's father, inhabits. From the beginning Dirk and Casey know their future is together, but Connor wants Casey for himself. Connor Fagan remembers the senior's smell and knows then that Dirk is there for revenge, but The Ravens didn't know Connor was part of the Clutch until after Dirk got in.

There are some of the same kind of steamy sex scenes as in John and Eric's -pretty hot.

Ms Neely writes about familiar type settings with hot characters in hot situations and hot sex. Please be sure to read the other two stories in this series: The Ravens Revisited: John (1) and The Ravens Revisited: Eric (2). More books will be releasing in the coming months. This is a great series and you will really get hooked. Luckily for us Ms. Neely has quite a few more on her agenda.

Book Blurb for irk

A genealogist, Casey Delaney is used to finding some strange things while tromping through graveyards but one thing she never expected to dig up was a vampire. That was two weeks ago. Now she's being held captive by the ancient monster, Connor Fagan. Casey prays that a someone will rescue her from the dark recesses of this abandoned Kentucky coal mine before she gives in to the temptation of Fagan's wicked desires. Casey is in danger of sacrificing her virginity, along with her immortal soul.

Dirk Raven, vampire hunter, arrives in Kentucky sure of one thing. A young woman is missing and her disappearance reeks of vampire involvement. Tracking the stench of evil to an abandoned coal mine, Dirk found two things that he didn't expect. The instant raging heat and deep connection that overwhelms him when he first lays eyes on the beautiful Casey Delaney. And.the presence of the infamous Connor Fagan, the vicious vampire who killed Dirk's own father. Determined to save Casey from a fate worse than death, Dirk engages Fagan in battle of wills, a battle for Casey's heart . a battle to the death. Dirk vows to save the woman who has the power to own his heart but will he be able to save his own soul?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00