The Kings Druidess

The MacLomain Series - Prelude

Erc, king of Dal'Raida, is getting married to Macha, but he loves Chiomara. That's the main theme of the story. Chiomar is beautiful and Erc would like to be with only her, but that is not the fate of a King. Eric must do what is best for not just himself, but for his whole kingdom.

The many characters in The King's Druidess are not clearly defined. More character development was needed and more detail about their fae capabilities.

Overall this story left me with some questions, but the love story was compelling. The relationship of Erc and Chiomara came across as intense with a will to overcome, which Ms. Purington seems to pen with ease. The one thing that was disconcerting was that if Erc is a magi then wouldn't he be the first one to marry whomever he wanted.

Re-issued Review. Originally reviewed: 2007-07-20

Book Blurb for The Kings Druidess

The MacLomain Series, Prelude

Chiomara Ruadh, Druidess of Ulster, will not be swayed from prophecy. If the Gods of Ireland request that she couple with the king, so be it. If it is also their wish that he marry another woman, who is Chiomara, a simple Druid, to stand in their way?

Erc Breac, king of the Dalriada, can only think of Chiomara. Her beauty is surreal and the tales that follow her across the land unsurpassed. But that is not enough when faced with the obligations of a king. His people must come first. His future wife and queen, Macha, must come first. Yet, fate is a slippery thing. Will Erc risk the whole of his kingdom for what lays in his heart?

This novel contains strong sexual content and is recommended for a mature audience.

Please NOTE: This is a re-launch of titles published years ago. The stories have been revised and tightened. And as aforementioned, the sensual heat level for all four has been turned way up.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50