The High Priest of Amber Dawn

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The High Priest of Amber Dawn

Short Story

Michelle Marquis story of Damien and Jennifer is imaginative and very entertaining. Jennifer meets Damien at his regularly scheduled Saturday night orgy, have sex and then they don't see each other again until he needs Jennifer's psychic abilities to find his daughter.

The characters are personable and the settings are drawn up with colorful places for our own mind to visualize. Ms Marquis took me on a cover to cover journey with smoothly flowing waters all the way.

I would certainly recommend this story to any erotica reader. Ms. Marquis book gets a Hot Tamale Hot from me!

Book Blurb for The High Priest of Amber Dawn

Jennifer Stein is trying something she never thought she'd dare do. She's going to the infamous House of Amber Dawn for a late night dinner party. But the one thing she doesn't count on is meeting their legendary High Priest, Damien Saul. Before she knows it, Damien seduces her in both mind and body. It's undeniable he's sexy, but is he really a man who can be trusted? Or is his attraction to her only a game he's playing to get more publicity for his unusual church?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.75