The Diamond Heartstone

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The Diamond Heartstone

Length: 19k

Captain Barrick from the Theta galaxy paid credits to a witch- the price for a mate. She ripped his heartstone out of his chest and ended up in San Francisco at a flea market with the heartstone. Up walks Alycia and the old woman insists she try on the heartstone necklace. Alycia buys it for $10 and feels the warmth from the now clasp less necklace. Right away she gets unbelievable offers for what everyone says is a diamond. Barrick feels it every time she touches the heartstone. Soon he's at an unbearable state of arousal and sets off to find her.

He finds her and convinces her to mate with him believing he'll let her go if they don't feel the magic. He did, she did and she's introduced to his crew which goes wild- into their animal forms- when they see and smell her. Barrick is a Tigon, part tiger/part lion, he changes into his animal state to keep his crew off Alycia, but just in case - he gives her a watch which controls parts of the ship. When he comes back to his room she's gone.

There's a lot more to this story, and I don't want to tell all.

The story is a little difficult in the beginning to fathom how it will all play out, but somehow Leila Brown makes it work. The erotic mating scenes are powerful. There's a lot of action that is easy to follow, and the dialogue is reflexive - real life responses.

Book Blurb for The Diamond Heartstone

Alycia's always possessed an affinity for cats, big and small. But when she's kidnapped by a being more feline than human it turns from an asset to a issue. A six-foot five sexy one.

Barrick never dreamed when he paid the best matchmaker in the galaxy to find his mate she would choose one so... different. Alycia is a headstrong, opinionated, melt in your mouth delicious distraction. She's nothing he wanted and everything he needs.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00