Sweet Backlash

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Sweet Backlash

The main female character Melony is being reassigned to a secretarial position for a newly arrived attorney, Chip. Sweet Backlash reads like “Love at First Sight” for Chip anyway. After work he follows her to a BDSM club and inadvertently ends up becoming Melony’s slave. Melony doesn’t like the arrangement but she’s afraid Frank, the club guard, might eliminate Chip if they don’t follow thru with Chip’s BDSM lifestyle training. Chip is not too keen on the practice.
Melony likes what Chip does to her and her dominatrix guidelines diminish. There’s really not that much dom/sub in the story.
Something epochal happened to Melony years earlier she’s kept secret from Chip, but it’s brought to the forefront later in the story. 
Violet Heart brings her characters to life with masterful plot continuity and their reactions to the various dilemmas.   Chip is caring and comes into Melony’s life when she’s most vulnerable. Dialogue is provoking with the writing so precise the reader’s interest is at a peak. 
Reading Sweet Backlash makes you want to believe the old saying, “There’s someone for everyone.”              

Book Blurb for Sweet Backlash

Chip arrives to a new town to practice law only to follow his secretary into the dark and secret world of dominance and submission. To his surprise, he finds himself under the rule of beautiful, sexy Melony. And against his will, she captures his heart.
Together, can they overcome her past and break down her walls? Will she soften enough to let him in, where love can save them both?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.75