Tales of Erotic Submission: Erotica, Bondage, Spanking

As a group named Surrender: Tales of Erotic Submission is a fun short read. Each goes into the characters emotional states – some more than others but they still have the same feel. All the stories are easy to follow and full of continuous action. I think Breaking Skye is strong enough to be on its own, but with this group each shines a little more.
BREAKING SKYE by Eden Bradley is about Skye and Adam meeting over the internet when she searches for someone to help her deal with her submissive symbols. They meet face to face and she’s apprehensive but finally submits and agrees to come to his home Friday. From the beginning Adam is impressed with Skye but he has issues of his own to work out.
SUBMISSIVE SECRETS by Eliza Gayle begins with Aiden naked in her bed when she gets home. Because it’s been 8 years since they were together Carli has a problem with him being there in the first place. Carli had some emotional/sexual issues she felt she couldn’t confide to Aiden and broke off their wedding. Carli now has to find out why Aiden has reappeared and live with the fact that no other man has measured up to Aiden in all this time.
CUPID’S CAPTIVE by Reese Gabriel involves Carl’s law partner John taking Carl’s sister Steffy     
out for Valentine’s Day. They had grown up together but Steffy was 10 years younger, and John had a hard time getting past that. When John and Steffy got together she was a wildcat, a big surprise to John. The title Uncle John was soon lost as they both learned about each other in a new way.
Fine flickering hungers LISTEN TO ME by Alessia Brio is told in first person and less than 10 pages long involving three people. We are allowed to visit the action in the beginning and left to contemplate where their passions lead.
Although the first scene is very erotic I would still like to read more of the author’s imagination, maybe it’s because of the enticing beginning that I want more.         

Book Blurb for Surrender

Three Phaze Bestselling BDSM stories, plus a bonus award-winning short!

Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley: Skye Ballard has always wanted to experience her fantasies of sexual submission. She craves to be commanded, taken over. She is convinced that all it will take to purge this yearning from her system is one night. Skye searches out the perfect Dominant for the job-it must be a man who is powerful, attractive, and naturally dominant. But when she meets Adam Dunne, she finds a man beyond her wildest dreams. Adam convinces her one night will not be enough for what he sees as a process, rather than a single experience. Skye soon discovers that being with him only makes her crave more. And while he begins with the idea of training her to be the perfect submissive-for someone else-soon all he can think of is making her his, making her yield. All he can think of is breaking Skye-and keeping her for himself.

Submissive Secrets by Eliza Gayle: After eight years of searching for him, Carli's ex-fiancee, Aidan, shows up naked in her bed. Finally she has her chance to show him she regrets leaving him on the eve of their wedding and get him back. But will she have the nerve to tell him the truth about herself and why she ran? Will her childhood sweetheart understand and accept her true needs as a sexual submissive? Forced to return to Carli on a mission, Aidan just wants to get the Intel he needs from her and get the hell out of town. Maybe with this reunion he can rid himself of her once and for all. Until a thorough search of her home unearths some secrets that shock him to the core. Was there more to her abandonment than he thought? With this new information, a plan formulates and he is determined to learn how far she will go when she loses her prized control.

Cupid's Captive by Reese Gabriel: John Cupid has no use for love. Domination is his thing, carefree flings with willing submissive females who crawl in and out of his bed like clockwork. When he is roped into taking his law partner's little sister Steffy out for Valentine's Day, he couldn't be more annoyed. He expects a night of baby sitting, but Steffy is all grown up now and she knows what she wants--a chance to be tied down and ravished in the bed of the man she used to call Uncle John. John tries to resist, but the little beauty proves to be the perfect slave for him. Could it be he is about to be hit by one of his name sake's infamous arrows?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 5.00