Suite Seventeen

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Suite Seventeen


Widow Annie Conroy visits the Waverly Hotel where some adult pleasure practices are painstakingly perfected. Transvestite Valentina/ Valentino and Annie have a rapport from the beginning but Valentino has a history with older women and that creates some insecure moments.

While Valentino initiates Annie to many of the BDSM practices the hotel is in jeopardy of being bought by a conglomerate but Annie has funds to help the Waverly. Her young financial advisor Charles gets initiated by willful Annie in Suite Seventeen where cameras, videos and other toys are accessible. Annie also has some interesting neighbors who often hold their own exhibitions much to Annie's enjoyment. But no one comes close to the pleasure Valentino gives Annie and she submits to him freely and their relationship grows with love.

Portia Da Costa makes her characters seem real and places them in realistic dilemmas. The BDSM I would classify as light with some bondage and some paddling. If every woman could have her own Valentino there would be many women walking around with happy faces.

Book Blurb for Suite Seventeen

Vibrant forty-something widow Annie Conroy is determined to follow her late husband's wishes and start having fun again and living life to the full. At the Waverley Grange country hotel, she encounters the most exotic, sensual and desirable creature she could ever have dreamed of and all thoughts of resistance are completely banished. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Who even cares?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50