Subtle Voyage

Sci-Fi, Erotica with multiple partners - Exotica from EC

Dr. Aileen Peck, an anthropology professor, and Saya Lange, a Watcher, unearthed a chamber on the archeological site Saint Madeleine.   Aileen discovered a quartz-lined chamber Saya believed was a possible astronomical observatory, so he came to check it out.
Saya recognized a quality in Aileen. With depleting energy that keeps Saya in humanlike form Aileens’ radiance will hopefully replenish the energy sufficient to extend their lives in humanlike form. The night of the Winter Solstice with Saya, his four Knights, and Aileen enter the chamber. 
Subtle Voyage is complete with five wonderful characters, precise descriptions, and a sexy plot that induces an easy progression throughout the story. Any of the five male characters – alone, or all together - sexually interact with Aileen per Sayas’ direction. The ultimate goal of the male partners is to capture the energy Aileen generates between climaxes.
Beth Kery writes as she’s there – in the middle of the action with exceptional explicit language. 
The number of males exacerbates the explosive pace, so having an imagination providing all of them is certainly a sensual gift to the readers’ senses.  
I enjoyed Subtle Voyage immensely but for me it ended too quickly. Follow up with Saya and Aileen’s connection left the end lacking an important part of the story. That’s the reason I didn’t give a perfect 5 rating.
I would recommend Subtle Voyage for an experienced erotica reader because they’d appreciate the skill Beth Kery exhibits in writing, multiple partner sex, oral sex play, anal sex, and an enticing plot that’s easy to follow. She certainly makes the characters come to life as each has his or her own role to play in the drama.

Book Blurb for Subtle Voyage

A tie-in to the Subtle Lovers series

Aileen wonders if she’s fallen into an X-rated version of Alice in Wonderland as she excavates a Neolithic chamber with sexy Dr. Saya Lange. She has the strangest feeling Saya can read all her secret desires like bold print…and what’s more, wants to make them come true.

Saya must wield a wickedly potent brand of sex magic because on the Venus-lit night of the Winter Solstice Aileen finds herself leading Saya and four other gorgeous men into the ancient chamber for a night of uninhibited sexual pleasure.

And maybe her imagination has gone as wild as her libido but she’s starting to suspect these males are too divine to be mere men.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.75