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Eric is the main character of Staked. He's a strip club owner, a high powered vampire/Vlad, who has woman issues and werewolves after him because they think he killed the boss' son. Throughout the story Eric's confronted by someone or something that directly or indirectly threatens him.

Roger, his friend since real- heartbeat warm blooded life and his business partner is a mostly unprincipled, jealous, character Eric continually gives the benefit of the doubt. Marilyn, a real old girlfriend, who's really and truly old because she didn't want to be turned, and Tabitha- the current amore- who once Eric turned becomes the past because it's the warm blooded receptive female he desires so he turns to Rachel whose identity, eludes him. There's Rick, William, Talbot, Greta, Candice, Magbidion, Veruca, Void City Howlers, a plethora of characters that really add color to the story, and if they'd just leave Eric alone he'd have half a decent vlad night.

The story has lots of action as Eric interacts with all the personalities. The storyline is easy to follow as the chapters' headings guide the reader towards the next set of events.

In so many stories we see the main male vampire as very masculine, -virile, in control, the master of his surroundings with strong character. That's the way I like them and I think a lot of women prefer, but Eric - these are not his traits. He's vulnerable. By the end, he just appeared little more than perturbed because he'd been inconvenienced more than anything else.

Special Notes from Dee: I think fiction/paranormal genre is adequate for J.F. Lewis' Staked. Staked comes awful close to a parody of paranormal writings. Laughing on page two was fun.

I can see a large following as the portrayed paranormals in Staked have all the idealized characteristics, -shape shifting, coming out the victor against any number of foe- mystique, paranormals allegedly acquire. "Welcome to the Void" is a great catch phrase.

Book Blurb for Staked

Murder is a fact of life for the vampire Eric, owner of the DemonHeart strip club in Void City, but when he kills a werewolf in self-defense, things get wildly out of hand. Though the local Alpha and his pack of born-again lycanthropes are out for holy retribution, they're the least of Eric's worries when he finds himself caught between his girlfriend Tabitha, who has always wanted to be a vampire, and her sexy little sister Rachel, a tantric witch with a hidden agenda.

Why can't unlife be easy? All Eric wants to do is run his club, drink a little blood and be left alone. In his quest to discover who is trying to end him and why, he must survive car crashes, embalming, sunlight, tantric magic, and werewolves on ice as well as his own nasty temper, forgetfulness, and mistakes. More diamond in the sewer than diamond in the rough, Eric is willing to take on the world in STAKED, a book where love just might conquer all, even if it is twisted, evil, and undead.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.75