Spin It Again

Book two in the Devilish Games series

This is Red Garnier's Book 2 In Devilish Games. The first book was about Cleo and Sebastian's affair at their college beach party, while this story is about betrothed David and Evie's split after David confessed he had sex during the latest reunion.

A year later David's without a job and treating women badly. When he sees her in a bar with a man he goes ballistic, starts a fight and ends yelling at her before he gets kicked out of the bar. David still loves Evie and Evie still loves David but can't decide to give him another chance and this is where the spin devil enters again.

David is written as having some real serious issues i.e. treating women as objects for his use, and brutality, then in the end he wins. This series focuses on male bad behavior in both stories and the first one comes close to rape. Spin It Again has a similar course, but in the end both stories have a love conquers all theme. There's not a lot of dialogue but the third person writing is full of explanation and description. Red Garnier, I'm looking forward to you writing a story where a man respects all women. I would like to see the flip side of the coin. Being that this was part of the Exotika line I expected that this would be quite different that the other erotica books.

Book Blurb for Spin It Again

Book two in the Devilish Games series.

It's been a year since the night David Hawthorne played spin devil. During that wild night of drinks and dares, he'd gambled with his future and lost his fiancé. His life has been a living nightmare ever since, a dark and desolate wasteland where no amount of cheap booze and cheaper sex will erase Evie from his mind. David would do anything to win her back, even if it means spinning that hateful toy devil…again.

Evie Mathews never thought David would betray her but oh, how wrong she'd been. She's painfully reminded of him at every turn, when all she wants is to forget him — but David won't let her. He storms back into her life, a crazed, angry shadow of the man she remembers, and demands they play the very game that tore them apart a year ago. But this time, the game has only one possible outcome.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.50