Spin Devil

Book one in the Devilish Games series

Spin Devil comes close to the fine line of rape versus consent, but Red Garnier successfully keeps it on the side of consent. Cleo keeps getting further and further into sex/dare mode driven by her subconscious urges while David, Jason and Sebastian press her on.

Haven't all of us at some degree fantasized about a spin the bottle game that went erotic? This is it, with a love bond at the end between Cleo and Sebastion who haven't been intimate before. The personable, long lost college friend's development is short, but so is the story.

The Spin Devil is a quick read and many of us can relate to it either with our own personal experience or subconsciously. I would recommend reading Spin Devil --- with a glass a red wine.

Book Blurb for Spin Devil

Book one in the Devilish Games series.

When her college friends suggest an intimate reunion in Florida, Cleo Sonterra has reservations. She's anxious about seeing Sebastian Russo again, the man who taunted and tormented her for four years. His dark good looks don't disguise the fact that he's the meanest bastard she's ever met. It would be great to see her friends again — if she can just remain completely unaffected by Sebastian.

At the beach, drinks flow and inhibitions are loosened while the friends play an adult version of Truth or Dare, mixed with Spin the Bottle, using a stuffed toy instead. As the plush devil spins and the truths and dares become more risky, Cleo is faced with the single most frightening dare of all. Because Sebastian Russo is the same bad boy he's always been — and thanks to the spin devil, Cleo's about to find out how bad he can be.

Reader Advisory: This book contains elements of forced seduction and group sex.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.25