Speed and Need

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Speed and Need


Speed and Need is a story about a cop, Erik, having some cop occupational problems with his Seminole Indian girlfriend. It's his shift in the cruiser and he pulls over a street racer with the license plate "Baaaad" and a woman's driving the car. Things heat up after he cuffs her.

The story is a little choppy with subject breaks in the beginning, but reads nicely mid story with a little surprise at the end. Robin Wright's Speed and Need is a fun racy short story.

Book Blurb for Speed and Need

Full of sizzling imagery and symbolism, this steamy tale of erotic adventure grabs the reader's interest in the first paragraph and holds them fast throughout the tale. Pitting the law against the lawless, BAAAAD uncovers the duality that resides within all of us, and reveals that often bad is very, very good when a wild, Native American girl racer and the long arm of the law come together. A plot twist at the end makes a statement that everything is not always as it seems, and lends a touch of reality to this ultra stimulating read.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.75