Snowbound: Lionsblood

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Snowbound: Lionsblood

After dusk Marie called Klark to come pick her up at Shiffley's Bar. The danger level for humans increases after dusk, and she's sent her ride packing, so she needs a ride home.

Klark and Marie have known each other for years but neither has acted on turning their relationship into something more serious until now. Klark blasts into the room and his lionsblood form takes control.

Snowbound: Lionsblood by Marteeka Karland is short and we just get a glimpse of the characters in a couple hours at the most. I would have liked more explaining of the animal/human concept, and it'd be nice to know a little more about Marie and Klark before and after. A fun little story for a cold Snowbound night.

Book Blurb for Snowbound: Lionsblood

Earth of the future isn't a nice place for humans. With temperatures dropping to 100 degrees below zero, humans exist at the whim of the lionsblood and hybrids. Being caught outside at night can be deadly.

Then again, so can incurring the wrath of a lionsblood. That's exactly what Marie does. Never mind he's her best friend, this lionsblood has been tormented one too many times and he's out to claim his prey.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50