Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Where do you go to learn to be the best submissive? Alana hacked her way to discover Ethan who had an impressive reputation working with subs, only he was in England. So across the pond she dove in --- libido first?

From the beginning Sierra Cartwright positions Alana as a headstrong, only willing to go so far submissive. Ethan had a ways to go to gain her trust and the ball gag helped some.

Ethan ventures into all realms of the BDSM lifestyle, other than hardcore. It was up to Alana to use her safe word, safe signal or leave if she desired, but she kept going, and as she was the new student she got most all the attention. There are only five main characters: Alana; Ethan; Thomas who is also a sub and joins them in most all of her new experiences; and David - a war buddy of Ethan's - and Celia, David's wife, their marriage in trouble after his return from his army tour. Most everyone joins in Alana's education at one time or another.

This story contains many facets of more than vanilla sex and is sure to excite those feelings in personalities that would like - just more. If you're up for your first or twentieth introduction into the BDSM reading market with Signed Sealed and Delivered why not read it with a friend.

Book Blurb for Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Alana Simmons is obsessed. She had a number of ho-hum frustrating experiences with BDSM. They've whetted her appetite, leaving her hungry, wanting more, needing more. So, with her usual determination, she seeks ultimate experience with reclusive trainer Sir Ethan Kendall.

Alana's persistence intrigues Ethan. She'll get more than she bargains for if she comes to England, Ethan informs her. He's not into dabbling, he's serious about his subs embracing the entire experience, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Certain that's what she wants, she follows his directions, landing on British soil where she's met by his chauffeur, the compelling Thomas.

Although she'd convinced herself she was prepared for every possibility, Alana could never have imagined everything the men would demand from her. Her life will never be the same.

This book contains M/M sex as part of a polyamorous relationship

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00