Shifting Them

BBA, M‚nage a Trois, Fantasy - Shape shifters - Authors: Kiernan Kelly, Anah Crow, C.C. Bridges, Dianne Fox, J. Rocci, BA Tortuga

Here are six wonderfully imaginative short stories bound together with the shape shifting and an erotic ménage a trois theme. This is a wonderful compilation, which provides us with loving characters eager to share their affection with others.
Magic and Mimicry by Kiernan Kelly has characters making their living shape shifting in a somewhat public arena. The magic act consists of Brody, the caller, and Jester the human/tiger shifter. Jester goes into the box, it’s buried, and he comes out a tiger. Everyone wants to know their secret, even the press. Brooklyn James, a reporter trails the duo from town to town until they grant her an interview. After getting Brooklyn’s scent in his nostrils Jester’s feral lure to mate with her ramps up.
The three main characters show great care and concern for each other. They’re personable and draw the reader into the plot from the first sentences with great dialogue.       
THE PARTISANS by Anah Crow  
Selen, a bear shifter is imprisoned and fights creatures for others entertainment. Long time friend Laniger and Rio’s daughter Rira go in to get Selen out.
It’s hard to fathom what the author’s trying to convey at times as sentence structure needs help. 
SNAKE CHARMER by Dianne Fox   
Lindy doesn’t realize there are others like her until Phineas, another albino approaches and takes her to the theater. Lindy’s every day world has her working at a station and she sees her friends Ross and Tau. Ross is a bird shifter who’s stuck - with wings. Lindy finally feels she belongs somewhere when introduced to the theater, but Phineas has an underlying greed Lindy can’t approve of.
This interesting story line is told by the author. as the dialogue between the characters is scanty. There’s enough conflict though, to keep the readers interest.
THIS HOME WE MAKE by J. Rocci   
When Callie and Gareth found Zev on the side of the road they took him home. In the beginning he could shift for only thirty minutes at a time – he was much better now. Zev decided one day he would venture into the big city. Going into the city Zev’s good until he’s hit with all the sounds and smells from the crowd. He has an anxiety attack. Rushing out of the station a male, an alpha male, guided him to safety. Callie told Zev to stay away from the alpha, but Zev made his way into the city again.
The author grounds the story with background material and colorful descriptions. Again this story is a little short on dialog with the author telling much of the story. It’s a rare experience for the reader to become a part of the shifters first days of adjusting. I was captivated by the idea of being unable to guess what the author’s climax would entail. 
A bookstore in New York City becomes a respite for Maverick. The dog gets away from Daniel and ventures into Libby’s place of employment. She calls the number on Maverick’s tag and Daniel comes to pick him up. Libby and Daniel hit it off, but they also arrange for Maverick to be dog sat by Libby while Daniel’s at work as a waiter. Daniel had a boyfriend he wanted Libby to meet and she said why not – her friend Monica had had a threesome in college and didn’t regret it so why couldn’t she. On the way to meet Rich Libby was close to getting into an accident when Maverick saved her, then things fell into place.
Maverick sounds like the perfect companion for anyone. The author sets us up and moves us along the story line with ease. The characters are caring individuals set in an atmosphere devoted to assist the characters in reaching an amicable conclusion. It all seemed so natural. 
Cage and Mason returned from quite some time away to find the gate locked with the house and yard amiss. Dixie was holed up inside. She’d lost her soft curves the two tomcats always appreciate but she couldn’t go out to hunt for food leaving her babies alone. The toms didn’t know she was pregnant when they left. 
The story is easy to follow but it’s a little difficult to know who’s doing the speaking sometimes.     

Book Blurb for Shifting Them

When shapeshifters mix it up with threesomes, you can be sure that sparks are going to fly. That's the idea behind Shifting Them, a collection of ménage shapeshifter stories that mix the boys with the boys with the girls, from big cats to wolves and beyond.

From the glamorous world of modern-day magicians to a futuristic universe filled with danger, the stories in Shifting Them will sweep you away into a whole new universe, where wolves scrabble about on city streets, where snake shifters plot from their nests, where a seemingly innocuous dog helps to make sparks fly between humans. Whether it's fur or fangs, these very human creatures have a wild side, one that excites and amazes.

Mix the shifters' inherent sexiness with a threesome, and you've got a volatile, romantic combination. With stories from C.C. Bridges, Anah Crow, Dianne Fox, Kiernan Kelly, J Rocci, and BA Tortuga, the raw, animal magnetism of Shifting Them proves that adding a third person -- in life and in bed -- can make for a happy, and hot, ending.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00