Shades of Silver

Genre : Paranormal Erotica

Trapped in their own world by the Gods, Shades needed mortals as sustenance draining their souls, to consume them, in hope to return to the mortal world. Audrey, whose sightseeing in Germany falls into a river - until near death - and surfaces inside a cave. The Shades see her/her soul as their answer to cross the barrier and begin their seduction. Echion, a Shade becomes more and more human as he has intercourse and betrays the Shades to help Audrey escape. Echion has been tortured and abused for his betrayal, but is alive which is good enough for Audrey as Aegeus has captured her to return her to the Shades.

Ms Gray's Shades of Silver is a glimpse into a story of survival. The story line is wonderfully imaginative with meticulous writing that paints the characters with living color. With her pen she's made humankind vulnerable to yet another legion, but in the end love conquers all. Shades of Silver showcases a woman who's unsure of herself yet willing to grow, and places her in the middle of a suspenseful situation giving her the opportunity to blossom, which she does. It's an erotic, suspenseful, loving story of survival opening our eyes into another amazing world for just a little while.

Book Blurb for Shades of Silver


For eons they have whispered and tempted, lured mortals into their realm to ensnare the senses in a whirl of hedonism, decadence and excess. Beauty incarnate, ruse in suits of flesh. Achingly beautiful. Deadly.

Echion and his brethren have lain forgotten for millennia, deep beneath our world in their home of stone and crystal. Sleeping. Waiting. Until Audrey, a modern-day woman, stumbles into their midst, awakens their raging lust, which they must satiate in her flesh. Cynical and coldhearted, Echion has no qualms sharing their new mortal plaything, bringing her to new heights of pleasure, taking her on a sarabande of carnal abandon. Yet he grows increasingly protective of Audrey. When shielding is no longer enough, when their affection for each other is as dear and vital to him as the air he breathes, Echion discovers Shades are indeed capable of love and he will stop at nothing to protect his beloved. Mortal danger stalks them. Every reflection holds menace. The trap has sprung.

The Shades have woken.

Reader Advisory: Contains non-descriptive references to male/male sensuality.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50